Do you know where the top ten watches in the world come from?

Friends who have just contacted mechanical watches are often keen on various evaluations, such as the top ten watches in the world. On forums and Weibo, there are often disputes about rankings because there is no ranking! So, you have I have never thought about such a question: How are the top ten watches in the world ranked?

If the problem is ten specific styles, then what standards need to be looked at, such as objective criteria including: price, quantity, complexity, and comprehensive workmanship; subjective criteria: brand reputation (international and domestic differences), aesthetics.

Without these standards, talking about rankings is a rogue behavior.

If the problem is the top ten brands, which standards should be considered? Export volume, export volume, average price, and advertising volume. Subjective criteria: What are the top ten brands that Rene’s favorite? Look at the top ten brands that fans like? The top ten brands that the media likes most?

If you think so, you will find that the top 10 most convincing results must be carefully studied.

Some people may say that I have heard of the top ten watches! Yes, but do you know what the top ten is? Have you heard of the top ten streets?

Tell us how the industry next door is ranked. Every year, the car magazine will select the best car magazine of the year. How can we do our best? The people in the magazine are usually tired like dogs and never sit down and count the votes. Ok, let’s pretend to count the votes and get the results.

At that moment, the magazine’s advertising department sat down and said that a brand wanted to be the best of the year. What should I do? Well, let us set the best for him. Therefore, the editorial department’s advertising department is all out, call the brand, saying that as long as there is enough sponsorship, you can win! However, the automotive industry is dominated by scientific and technological personnel, people know that the choice should be based on standards and means!

I am not saying that the top ten watches are like this. But in recent years, people have realized something: First, the top ten companies are not as successful as people think. Second, some brands, regardless of their historical heritage, industry achievements, sales volume or average price, are still able to successfully enter the top ten. No illustrations are allowed below to avoid misleading the reader.

Most importantly, the top ten things you hear or want to know are naive. If you choose according to certain criteria, hey, no one comes out! So, the ranking of the top ten watches is more subjective. For example, I have written an article about the ranking of the “Top Ten Watches” in my mind. In the first few hundred, interested friends may wish to take a look.